Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Develop Android/ iOS apps in C#

Create Android/iOS applications using C#.
Using IDEs Dot32 and Xamarin, you can build apps in C#, run and deploy them usingMicrosoft Visual Studio.

Xamarin –

  • Free version includes: Develop apps using Xamarin Studio, deploy to device and deploy to app stores.
  • Xamarin’s Android API exposes almost 100% of the Android’s – so you can build a complete android app in C#.
  • Follow this link to know about Xamarin’s Architecture: Architecture

dot42 –

  • Free version includes (Community License): Develop and publish free apps on a public market place such as Google Play.
  • It is basically a Visual Studio add-in that lets you compile your C# code directly to DEX code. This means there is no run-time requirement such as Mono.

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