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How to hide the password text in a textbox control in Excel - VBA

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This post demonstrates how to hide the password text in a text box control using Excel VBA (Visual Basic for Applications).

First design the user form as shown in the picture below -

This form contains two textbox controls - one for Username and other for password, labels and two buttons.

In the properties window (press F4 in see properties in code window) of password textbox control - change the value of PasswordChar to '*'.

This will enforce the application to show all the characters in a password textbox control as "****".
If this property value is empty, the characters are visible to the users.

If you want to display other than '*' you can change the character that you wish. Here changed to '$'.

You are restricted to enter only one character in PasswordChar property of a textbox control. Even if you try to enter more than one character, the first character will be taken into account and the remaining characters will be removed automatically from this property box.


Double-click anywhere on the form to create the form initialize event to set the default values or do you want to perform some tasks before login form open.

Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()
    'perform actions before opening the login form
End Sub

Double click on the buttons to create the respective events of the buttons.
Please find the sample codes of button events.

Sample Ok button code:

Private Sub cmdOK_Click()

'validate the controls
If txtUserName.Value = "" Or txtPassword.Value = "" Then
    MsgBox "Please enter valid username and password"
    Exit Sub
End If
    'do your work

'close the form
Unload frmLogin

End Sub

Sample Cancel button code: To close the form

Private Sub cmdClose_Click()

'close the form
Unload frmLogin

End Sub

Please write your comments if you find anything is incorrect or do you want to share more information about the topic discussed above.

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